GotSport - MORE INFO

At our coaches' meeting on June 2, some clubs pointed out that they did not get earlier emails about "how to register their players and get player passes for them."  Here is information that was in an email on 11/6/2023, that clubs have found useful.  After you read this, if you are still having specific difficulties, please ask.

The player data is not being transferred from Demosphere. Unfortunately there was so much inaccurate data and outdated information within Demosphere that it made the most sense to start fresh with the current information from all clubs.

The main key here is that we are not requiring clubs/leagues to change any of their processes that they had in place. They are still able to use whatever club registration or league software that they prefer. The only change that is required is that player registration/ rostering for NYSW is completed within GotSport. This is the system that will ensure players are covered under insurance and where clubs will obtain their official rosters & player passes. You have to remember that just because some clubs or leagues also used Demosphere for their program, that was completely separate from the NYSW version. It just created an easier option to sync over from one system to the other. The majority of clubs (approx. 150 out of 200) chose to use a system other than Demosphere for their registration and uploaded their details into Demosphere, they will now do the same thing but upload into GotSport.

The process is for your club to use the registration software that you choose to have the parents register their players. You will then export the date into a .csv file to upload into the NYSW GotSport system to submit your players to NYSW. This is the same process that has always been done, the difference is the players are now being uploaded into GotSport rather than Demosphere. Attached is the player upload template with all required columns for your reference. In addition, you are welcome to send the completed upload template to me and I will assist you with the upload process.  

The parents will not be going to GotSport to register their players unless your club chooses to use the system for individual player registration. Once you have uploaded the players, you can ask the parents to upload the player photo into the system however you also have the option of completing that process on your own.

You will need to verify the proof of birth in GotSport, the same as you had to do in Demosphere, however we do not require you to upload the documents. The club is responsible for making sure that the information they are providing (legal name, DOB, gender) matches the proof of birth and verifying it within GotSport. If you have the information from previous records already confirmed and know it is accurate, you can use that information.

As a club, the club administrators will then create teams/ rosters within GotSport to be able to print out for all leagues/tournaments that they are participating in. It is not a league specific roster, it is a team specific roster. None of this has anything specifically to do with the league.

As a league, you have the option to use the GotSport platform and would work out with them the specifics of what you need and the requirements. Some leagues have switched to GotSport, some have stayed with Demosphere and some use their own system. GotSport offers many different capabilities to manage your league, including event registration, scheduling and a website. There are different fees involved depending on what you are looking for. I would recommend setting up a meeting with them to discuss what you are looking for and what will work for your league. It is completely up to how you would like to manage your league.

Once you make a decision on the system that you are using, you can reach out to us with the specifics that you need to make sure your league runs smoothly. We can answer additional questions and make sure we are on the same page.

I know I’ve given you a lot of information. Here is a link to the non-GotSport club user document which is the step-by-step guide for clubs on submitting their players & coaches to NYSW, creating teams and rosters, etc. :  NonAffiliatedGotSport