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=> We watch for the latest AQI numbers.  If you have more specific input for a given site, please call/text VP Dave at 585-704-1940..

Final decisions will be posted here no later than 4:30PM on days where games are in question.  If nothing is posted here for a given day, then assume games are on, and you are to travel to the game site.



League-wide Cancellations so far:

Monday Jun 26: Red Creek and NR-W sites only  (t-storms) 2 games
Wednesday Jun 28 All sites (air quality) 16 games
Thursday Jun 29 All sites (air quality) 10 games
Friday Jun 30 All sites (air quality) 9 games
Monday, July 17 Certain sites (air quality) 9 games


 ON   Travel to the game site as usual.  Weather can still be a factor.  Local decisions by referees and coaches are in force.  For high heat, consider playing quarters and taking frequent water breaks.

TBD   The league is deciding the fate of games.

 CANCELLED   The league cancels some or all games.

Welcome to the 2023 WFLYSL Season


May 10, 2023

  • Some U18 teams are struggling with numbers.  The board has agreed to allow graduating seniors again (was in place during COVID).   Players must still be born 2005 or later, but graduating seniors who were previously disallowed are allowed for the 2023 season.  

SAT 2/18:   

  • The league welcomes its new President, Brandon Newstead from the Waterloo club.  He can be reached via email at   Thanks to Stephen Taylor (Marion) for filling that role in the 2022 season when we had no-one else offer.
  • League registration fees will be unchanged in 2023.
  • Referee fees are unknown at this time.  Last year they were 
    • U11- $45  ($225 for five games)
    • U13- $55  ($275 for five games)
    • U15- $75  ($375 for five games)
    • U18- $85  ($425 for five games)
    • Only one referee will be assigned per game, unless you request a 3-person assignment (cost unknown at this time, approximately $80 additional).
  • Team Registration begins now, see the form for indicating your probable teams.  We'll have a league meeting in March where teams and brackets will be finalized. 


  1. Graduated seniors remain ineligible for play, regardless of age. (see above)
  2. As always, players CANNOT play down, beneath their soccer age.
  3. You should have Risk Management passes in progress for all new or expired coaches.
  4. Contact Information -- please use the Who's Who link at left.  This is the authoritative source for coach & coordinator information.  Please keep it up to date for your club.